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September 12 , 2011

Dear Teacher,

The California School for the Blind Low Vision Services offers consultation to help you serve your students’ low vision needs.  We would like to ensure that students who have been seen at one of the CSB Low Vision Clinics are making optimal use of the low vision devices that have been dispensed.  We would also like to help you determine the best lighting, print size, seating and non-optical aids for your students as they participate in all aspects of the expanded core curriculum for students who are visually impaired.

If you would like to have a student observed by a teacher from the California School for the Blind, please fill out the accompanying request form and obtain parental permission in writing.  When these forms are received, we will call to arrange observation/consultation time.

If you have questions, please contact me at sherlich@csb-cde.ca.gov or by phone at (510) 794-3800 x228.


Stephanie Herlich
Low Vision Services Coordinator

Request for Consultation

Parent Permission for Observation/Consultation


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