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Early Elementary Education

Holly Hody - Teacher

Every child is an individual. The transdisciplinary team takes this into account as they prepare students for the future.

All students participate in weekly outings into the community where they learn about using money, where they can buy things, develop their orientation and mobility skills, and learn social skills.

Students also participate in adaptive physical education classes that teach body awareness, strengthen muscles, teach games, develop swimming skills, and learn other healthy living habits. Students also partake in art class and cooking projects. Students also have opportunities to develop musical skills in a variety of ways. They can take instruction on musical instruments or participate in singing groups.

Students who are ready for Braille work on developing Braille Skills in the Braille Program and work on reading skills in the classroom. A combination of Phonics and Whole Language Experience is used to encourage and excite the students about reading.

Students have access to adaptive technology in the classroom. Intellikeys and Intellisuite activities are designed around their strengths. Some students learn to use a Braille-Lite and others learn how to use a tape-recorder and cd-player.

Students work on Daily Life Skills also. This includes brushing teeth, washing dishes, helping with laundry, wiping tables, cleaning windows, vacuuming, eating skills, gardening, and more.

Students enjoy access to a “Motor Room” where they can explore different ways to move in a safe environment, as well as explore different sensory activities. A playground with swings, sound-circles, water tables, slides, and more provide opportunity to have a good time outside.

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