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Ability Awareness Fair

On September 28, 2007, we went to the James Madison Elementary School in San Leandro to do a presentation for their “Ability Awareness Fair.” We only had time for the kindergartners, first and second graders. Our presentation was about the different types of equipment used by the blind and visually impaired. We really enjoyed it. We explained that Braille was an assortment of raised dots which people can read with their fingers. We brailled the students’ names on cards.  When the students felt their brailled names about half of the students giggled and many said they really liked it. One little boy said “Neato,” when he felt his name.  They told us it was really bumpy.  The kids also liked counting on the tactile ruler and pushing the buttons on the talking calculator. At the end of each presentation, we gave out Brailled alphabet charts and bookmarkers.
It was very cold there and the wind was blowing. Our teacher was the only one who brought a jacket because we didn’t think that it would be very cold.  We were able get coffee which was the bomb. In the end we got a reward of chocolates.  It was fun to have the experience being presenters.
Written by Taeler Khan, Mark Rodriguez, Robin Patche

Mark, Taeler and Robin volunteered to do this presentation when the opportunity arose. The three students discussed what they were going to say and what equipment would be of interest to the students.  It took lots of planning on their parts.  
I want to give special acknowledgement to Robin for taking the initiative of contacting the California State Library, Braille and Talking Book Library  so the students could receive the Brailled alphabet cards and bookmarkers.
It is important of the students to give of themselves to the community as representatives of C.S.B. and of the blind and visually impaired population. The students did an awesome job.  Well done Robin, Taeler and Mark!
Jo Anne Tanaka-Libbon, Transition Teacher

Students from the CSB transition program meet with Elementary school students at a local disability awareness fair CSB student reading from braille ruler


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