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Short Course Program

The Short Course program at the California School for the Blind is designed to address the unique educational needs of students with visual impairments currently attending school in their local school districts.

The demands of classes and homework can leave little time to concentrate on the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC), such as daily living skills, adaptive technology, or orientation and mobility. This program will provide intensive short term instruction in areas of the ECC. Time will also be provided daily to maintain the core curriculum assignments missed during attendance at the short course. Students who can adapt to a new learning and living environment for a short period of time will benefit from this experience.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

  • Students are not counted as absent from their local schools.
  • Participation in a short course is not considered a change in placement.
  • There are no costs associated with the attendance of a short course.
  • Transportation can be provided if coordinated in advance.
  • Districts and families should collaborate to complete the application for a short course.
  • Students may take more than one short course in a school year.
  • Only one application is required for each school year.


To begin the application process please follow link below:

Short Course Interest Form


Short Courses 2017/2018

Preparing Your Best Burger
October 23 - October 27, 2017
Registration Closed
Ages: 16+

Discover what it takes to make a really good burger.  Not something you heat up in a microwave, but a fresh burger with all the fixings.  It could be a beef patty, a veggie burger or turkey.  The choice is yours!
Creating that meal requires knowing what you want, a shopping list of ingredients, how to purchase what you need, money skills to buy your ingredients, safe food handling, knife skills, use of kitchen tools, how to measure quantities and of course how to use the oven.
Join us for a week of cooking, shopping, chopping and of course eating your ultimate burger.
There are no prerequisite skills for this course. 

The Ultimate Google Experience
December 4 - December 8, 2017)
Registration closed
Ages: Middle School & High School

Join us for an exciting week of all things Google! You will learn how to access Gmail and send attachments, explore and navigate Google drive, open and create Google docs, Google search, and even listen to your favorite songs on YouTube. There will also be a field trip to the Google Campus. Act fast and be one of the few to participate in The Ultimate Google Experience.
Students must be able to touch type minimum 10 wpm.  Students should be familiar with screen reader software, refreshable braille displays or magnification software.

Let's Get Cooking
January 29 - February 2, 2018
Registration closed
Ages: 16+

Are you ready to look beyond the microwave to prepare food?  Join an existing CSB class for a fun filled week in the kitchen.  Learn to prepare snacks and meals that are simple, nutritious and delicious.  Participate in meal planning, shop for ingredients and follow recipes.   Access customer service to locate your ingredients and improve your safety and independence in the kitchen.  This course is designed to meet the needs of students enrolled in a functional academic program.

UEB/BrailleNote Touch...Yes!
February 26 - March 2, 2018
Registration closed
Ages: Middle School & High School

Are you confused by some of the UEB changes to the braille code?  Maybe you don’t have time in your busy day to learn the new contractions and rules.  Apply now for a fun filled week focused on learning the UEB changes.  In addition, students will work with our technology staff and be introduced to use of the BrailleNote Touch.   

Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their new skills by participating in CSB’s school wide Braille Bee competition, as well as the Hall of Fame reading and braille writing contest.  These contests will consist of reading and brailling approximately 200 braille contractions, difficult to braille words and commonly used punctuation and termination signs. 

It should be a great week of braille, braille, braille.  A willingness to compete before an audience of at least 100 people is part of the Braille Bee experience.  Students may also have an opportunity to participate as judges for students at a lower skill level.  Parents and TVI’s are welcome to attend the Braille Bee, and cheer everyone on to victory.

Students applying for this course should already know 75% of the EBAE contractions or a total of about 150 contractions.  Previous experience with a BrailleNote, is strongly recommended.  The week will begin and end with an assessment of braille skills to demonstrate the development of newly learned knowledge.

Lil' Sprouts - Plant Life
Day One: March 14, 2018
Day Two: May 23, 2018
(Registration closes, January 31, 2018)
Ages: Elementary

Join CSB’s elementary age class for two unique days of all things plants.  In early spring, we will prepare our garden beds and plant vegetable starts and a variety of seeds.  We will explore plant development and learn about the importance of roots, stems and leaves.  Discover how water and nutrients move through the plant.  Return to CSB in late spring to harvest our bounty and prepare a simple and nutritious meal from the garden.  In the afternoon, we will join the wider CSB school community for our annual carnival.  Transportation is not provided for these one day courses.  Students must arrive with a parent/guardian or district teacher.

Access Through Transit, O&M Style
March 19 - March 23, 2018
(Registration closes, February 5, 2018)
Ages: 14+

CSB is proud to announce this O&M themed short course designed to expose participants to a wide variety of Bay Area public transportation including AC Transit, SF MUNI, BART, & Paratransit. Basic O&M skills will be reviewed and supported as students explore with a fun peer group! Content will be shaped to meet the interests, skill level and needs of applicants, but likely activities will include a trip made on public transportation to the new Lighthouse for the Blind in San Francisco, exploration of a BART train, hands-on access to a parked AC transit bus, and lessons that support trip planning and the use of smart phone apps to support access to safe, efficient and successful public transportation travel.   There will be a walking component with each activity and it is recommended that applicants be able to walk a ¼ of a mile without needing to rest.

Sit, Stay, Go Play
April 23 - April 27, 2018
(Registration closes, March 12, 2018)
Ages: 8 - 12

Do you love dogs? Do you have a dog? Do you really want a dog but are not sure what it takes to care for one? Sit, Stay, Go Play is a week of experiencing the ins and outs of dog ownership and training. Use the computer to research the many jobs that dogs have assisting people. Visit a local service dog organization. Refine your O&M skills while walking a dog and practicing basic dog training techniques. Take the bus to shop for ingredients to make tasty dog treats. Then, practice your kitchen preparation and safety skills as you bake the treats to bring home for the canine buddy in your life. Dog care topics to include: responsible pet ownership, ask a vet, pet first aid, grooming, and budgeting for a dog. Come ready for a dog-gone good time.  Students applying for this course must already be comfortable around dogs and not have dog related allergies.




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