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California School for the Blind

School Psychology

The California School for the Blind provides a variety of psychological services for students. Our staff includes three full-time school psychologists who work with students currently attending CSB, and one full time psychologist who works with the CSB Assessment Center. Our psychological services department also includes a half-time psychologist who coordinates the STAR testing program and has been developing an Assessment of Learning Media.

The CSB school psychologists provide a range of services to assist students in their learning, growth and development by providing supportive services to help them meet academic and emotional challenges. These services can be provided directly to the student, or indirectly through collaboration with other staff members and parents. Some of the core services the school psychologists provide include:


  • Conducting three-year re-evaluations and 60-day assessments for possible placement at CSB. These assessments typically include observations, interviews, and tests designed to evaluate cognitive, academic, adaptive, social/emotional, and behavioral functioning and skills. The assessments are multidisciplinary, meaning that staff members from various disciplines, such as the classroom teacher, Braille specialist, or assistive technology specialist, each completes his or her own assessment, which is then compiled into a multidisciplinary report by the psychologist.

  • A psychoeducational evaluation may also be performed when a parent requests a new assessment or when a new assessment is needed to address a particular concern, such as a change in behavior a decline in performance.

  • The psychologist working with the CSB Assessment Center works with other members of the Assessment Team to provide these same services for Visually Impaired students throughout the state of California. This typically involves either a week-long evaluation that can take place at CSB or observation or consultation at the students’ home/school site. More information about the Assessment Center can be found on the CSB website.


  • Collaborating with teachers, service providers, dormitory staff, administrators, and parents regarding individual students’ needs.

  • Providing consultation with other school psychologists in California regarding appropriate psychoeducational assessment of Visually Impaired students.


  • Providing short-term counseling for students to address specific needs that may be interfering with student performance or success.

  • Facilitating group processing and learning experiences, such as social skills training.

  • Crisis intervention, including helping students deal with urgent or unexpected crises such as a death or community trauma.

If you have any questions or comments about the services provided by the CSB Psychological Services department, please feel free to contact us at (510) 794-3800.

Rebecca Dowling, Ph.D.
Alea Holman, Ph.D.
Julie Manning, Ph.D.


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