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I finally finished & just e-published a Google Knol article on Foreign Language Braille – written from a parent’s perspective.

"Enriching Your Blind Child’s Life via Foreign Language Braille: Practical Suggestions for Families and Educators Seeking Out Foreign Language Braille and Other Foreign Language Resources with a Special Focus on Spanish."

I have been working on it this a little bit at a time for just over 4 years & I want to thank each of you for your thoughts, inspirations, suggestions, and other input along the way.

The article can be viewed at

The neat thing about a Google Knol is that it can easily be modified & updated, so if you have any additional suggestions, please feel free to let me know.

Eric Vasiliauskas,

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2) Educating the World, One Reporter at a Time: Here is the link to a reprint of an article that showed up in our local newspaper, the Beach Reporter, nearly 2 years ago. The article was a surprise, as we had not previously interacted with the author. As it was a touching story, I subsequently emailed the author, Paul Silva. Paul recently gave me permission to send both to the Braille Monitor & they opted to print both his article and my email in tandem. (The editor chose the title). (

3) The Power of Knowledge: The last is the text of one of a presentation I was asked to give at the NFB 2006 National Convention’s National symposium entitled “The Equation for Success 2006 Seminar for Parents and Teachers”. (

4) A Fathers Thoughts on Foreign Language and Spanish Braille, click here for the .pdf (

5) So Dad, When Can I Go Surfing?, available in a Special Issue of Future Reflections devoted to Childhood Sports, Fitness, and Blindness. It can be found at
The full Special Issue Edition is located at


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