California School for the Blind

California School for the Blind
Department of Rehabilitation

Summer Transition Education Program
July 8 - July 28, 2018

Begin the process of applying by completing the brief STEP Interest Form

The Summer Transition Education program (STEP) in Fremont is a cooperative venture between the State Department of Rehabilitation and the California School for the Blind. Participants in this program are public high school students or graduates from public school, ages 16 – 21. Students must be clients of the Department of Rehabilitation.

Join us in Fremont for three weeks of exciting programs focusing on career development and college prep. STEP participants will gain skills to help them apply for jobs and ready themselves for college life.

  • Stay in a CSB apartment

  • Plan your breakfast, lunch and dinner menus

  • Learn how to organize your apartment

  • Learn orientation and mobility skills for college, work and life

  • Explore exciting careers and get real job experience

  • Learn good work habits to improve your work opportunities

  • Visit a local community college and Disabled Student Services

  • Increase your knowledge of personal rights such as the ADA and IDEA

  • Refine your technology skills for college and work

  • Learn self-advocacy skills from professionals who are blind or visually impaired

Use tactile maps and GPS to solve a scavenger hunt. Explore social orientation apps like Blind Square. Learn how to get around in the airport. Advocate for yourself in college and work. Learn how to be safe and secure on campus and in the community. Kayak across San Francisco Bay for a night under the stars on Angel Island. Visit historic Fisherman’s Wharf, do a tour of San Francisco’s gems and dine at a landmark restaurant. Participate in the local recreational activities and make new friends!

For more information call (510) 936-5569 or email:

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