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Art Program

Teacher : Minda Tayam

Minda encourages students to develop their artistic ability, spatial awareness, and sense of self while exploring the joys of art.

Congratulations to the following CSB students:  A’Laura M., Ashley S., Andrea G., Rebecca T., Jonathan W., and Samantha C..  Their artworks were among the twenty-four pieces chosen for the 2011 Helen Keller International Art Show.  Each student was awarded a certificate of recognition and a brochure featuring a brief history of the exhibit and information about the selected artwork.  The annual show, sponsored by the Council for Exceptional Children, has been exhibited in various locations such as  the International Convention of CEC, American Foundation for the Blind, and the University of Alabama Medical Center Library.

A painting by A'Laura M.
Arc in purple, blue, and pink

"The Garden" by Andrea G.
"The Garden" trees amidst many colors

Bagel, ceramic by Jonathan W.
A ceramic bagel

Collage of cropped pictures, link to CSB art gallery
CSB Art Gallery

The Art Program at the California School for the Blind is unique and special in many ways. At its core is the deep belief that "every human being is endowed with a creative spirit" (Vicktor Lowenfeld, 1957).

The Art Program offers children who are blind and visually impaired a safe environment to do art. The program is designed to encourage students to engage in art activities as independently as possible. The physical lay out of the room, lesson plans, art materials, and tools have been adapted and/or modified to meet the needs of our special students.

Individual decision making and independence are applauded. Students are encouraged to pursue their own interests such as ceramics, painting, print-making, collage, drawing, and sculpture. Art activities are also presented that are age and developmentally appropriate.

The Art Room operates as a studio-based open group. The atmosphere is one of trust and acceptance, honoring the artistic process, as well as valuing a finished project. Engaging in the creative process promotes self esteem and confidence. Children explore a wide variety of art materials as they master new skills.

Students participate in local and national art exhibits such as the Helen Keller Art Show and the American Printing House for the Blind Insights Art Competition. CSB also celebrates students’ art work with the annual Spring Art Show, an opportunity for all to enjoy the art pieces students have made during the year.

Because we believe there is no right or wrong way to do art, our students are free to have fun while learning many new skills.

Please stop by and visit the Art Room.  Come see art work that has been created by students who love doing art, who think of themselves as creative individuals, and are thrilled when their art work is enjoyed by other people.

Picture of wall in CSB art room decorated with created hands and banner reading "Every Human Being is Endowed with a Creative Spirit"

2010 APH Insights Art Competition

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