Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a useful wordprocessor program utilized by the majority of the population. It's more advanced features include note taking skills, navigation quick keys, and inserting headings, tables, and pictures, which will make your Word document look more professional and unique.


Notetaking is an important skill for one to learn in order to succeed in one's classes or profession. Microsoft Word has an easy, convenient way to take notes that requires only a few simple keystrokes

  1. Open Microsoft Word.
  2. Press Control+W to go to the view menu, then tab to outline view and press enter.
  3. Type some content into your document.
  4. To change main ideas in one's document into headings, press Control+Shift+left arrow/right arrow to move between heading levels.
  5. To show or hide heading levels, press Control+Shift++ or Control+Shift+- respectively.

By implementing these strategies in one's notetaking, one can improve and enhance this necessary skill.

Navigation Quickkeys

There are many navigation quick keys in Word. Below is a list of the most useful keystrokes.

  1. To find a specific word or phrase in a document, press Control+F, then use tab to navigate through the window.
  2. To find a specific word or phrase in a document and replace it with something else, press Control+H.
  3. Press F6 to check the number of words and pages in a document.
  4. Press F7 to activate the spelling and grammar check feature
  5. Press F10 to move to the various ribbons.
  6. Press F12 to open the save as dialogue.



To insert a heading in a document, which will make it appear more professional, first select the text that you would like to turn into a heading. Next, press Alt+H, then L. Use the arrow keys to find the type of heading you would like to insert.


To insert an image into a document, you must first have a picture on your computer. Then go to the insert tab by pressing Alt+N, followed by P to reach the insert picture dialogue. You can then choose the picture you would like to insert.


To insert a table, press Alt+N, then T to navigate to the tables menu. Choose the number of rows and columns you would like in your table, then press enter to insert it.


To insert a hyperlink, select the text you would like to be the hyperlink. Then press Alt+N, followed by I, then type the URL of the page you would like the hyperlink to go to. It is often easier to copy and paste the URL of the page from the address bar in Internet Explorer.

Creating A Web Site With Word

A powerful feature of Word is the ability to create web sites in a document. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open a Microsoft Word document
  2. Press Control+S to save the document.
  3. Tab to the save as type combobox, and choose web page.
  4. Inserting headings, pictures, tables, and hyperlinks is the same in a Microsoft web page as in a regular Word document.
    1. Conclusion

      The wide variety of features in Microsoft Word can be utilized to make cool, interesting documents that can be used for a range of purposes.