Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful program that allows you to give fun, interesting, and colorful presentations and slideshows. PowerPoint has several cool features, such as annimations, transitions, and the ability to record and/or insert audio.


Animations affect text and pictures on a slide. They are a feature of PowerPoint that make presentations more colorful and less boring. Below is a list of steps that will show you how to easily insert annimations.

  1. Open a PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Go to the animations tab.
  3. Tab through the menu and press enter on Animmation Styles.
  4. Choose the type of annimation you would like to insert and press enter on it.
  5. Once you have inserted your annimation, you can use the annimations ribbon to customize the annimation e.g. adjusting timing and duration.


Transitions are used when transitioning between slides. There are a variety of transitions in PowerPoint, and they enhance a presentations visual appeal and attractiveness.

  1. Press ALT+K to get to the transitions tab or click on it.
  2. Tab through the ribbon until you reach transition styles, then press enter.
  3. Pick the type of transition you would like, and press enter on it.
  4. Once you have inserted a transition, you can play around with things such as the effect options, duration, and timing.
  5. If you keep tabbing through the ribbon, you will encounter an "apply to all" button. Press enter on it to apply your chosen transition to all of your slides.
  6. There is a checkbox in the transitions menu that says "on click". This checkbox means that the transition you insert into your presentation can only be activated by clicking on it with a mouse. It is easier for people with visual impairments to have the transitions begin automatically, so uncheck the box.
  7. It is possible to insert sound when you transition between slides. To do so, tab to the sound combo box and choose whatever sound you would like.
  8. Transitions will only work when you begin a slideshow by pressing f5!

Recording and Inserting Audio

Recording audio in your presentation is a less known feature of PowerPoint, but can make a presentation much more unique.

  1. Go to the slideshow tab in PowerPoint by pressing ALT+S or clicking on it.
  2. Tab to the "start recording from beginning" button and press enter on it, then choose one of the two buttons provided.
  3. Once you have done this, a start recording option will appear. Click on it, wait a few seconds, and start talking. Use pagedown to go through the slides of your presentation, or change the settings so the slides will change automatically after a determined length of time.

There is a much easier, less time consuming way of doing this that makes a lot more sense for the nonsighted part of the population

  1. Use a recording program on your computer or another device, it doesn't really matter as long as the file is somewhere on your computer.
  2. Go to the insert tab on PowerPoint, ALT+N, then press O.
  3. Choose the audio file you would like to insert, then make sure it is applied to all slides


With these various capabilities, it is possible to create fun, visually appealing presentations that will impress your audience.