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Transition Classrooms

Teachers: Chris McNulty, Kathy Quilici, Mary Durski-Salsbery, Rosalind Patton, Jo Anne Tanaka-Libbon

Functional academics/academics - budgeting, money management, banking, signature, personal information, consumer pricing, Braille, computer use
Daily Living Skills - cooking (use of appliances), housekeeping skills (cleaning, laundry), socialization
Communication/Language - gathering information (use of telephone, Internet, tapes, print, Braille)
Recreation/leisure - community activities, sports, socialization, table games.
Social-Emotional - friendships
Independent Living - Public transportation, travel independently/with group, living options, work options

Options for students in the program: Obtain a diploma -

  1. Enroll in the Hadley School for the Blind (a correspondence school)
  2. Work on the GED through the Adult School ROP

Enroll in the community college or ROP to take classes

Take classes over the Internet

Job shadowing

Work Experience/J.O.B.S. Program


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