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The first time I tried ice skating.

Teressa H.

I went ice skating last week. I really enjoyed it very much. I really enjoyed it my class does not get to go all the time. I got to hang on the wall and then I used my cane. I did not fall but I felt like I was going to. The ice was really cold. It was still a lot of fun. The first time I went ice skating I really enjoyed it. It felt nice going ice skating. The ice was really smooth.  I cannot wait to go again.  One of my friends invited me to go and I was excited to try it. The first time I fell it did not feel good.  I do not want to go ice skating every day but I would like to have hot chocolate.   It is not fun if you skate for a long time and your feet start to hurt.  Ice skating was really fun and I think everybody should try it.


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