Ann and Friends

Stories for Beginning Braille Readers

By Ann Gelles




Zip is my pet ant.

He is very very little.

Zip is black.

I just got Zip today.

He is a very happy ant.

He can zip, zip, zip every place.

Zip will zigzag up my leg.

He will zigzag up my back.

He will go up, up, up on my nose.

Zip will sit on my hand.

He will crawl on my cookies.

Zip can sleep on that mat.

Zip is a good friend already.

I like him a lot.

I hope he will like me too.




Zip Test

1.   How long has Ann had Zip?(one day)



2.   Who is Zip?(pet ant)



3-4. Name two of Zipís traits.(little, black, friendly, moves around a lot, happy)



5. Where does Zip like to sit?(He likes to sit on Annís hand.)



6. What does Zip like to crawl on?(He likes to crawl on Annís cookies.)



7. Why might crawling on cookies be dangerous?(Zip could be eaten accidentally.)



8. What is Annís hope?(She hopes that Zip will like her too.)



9. Name one place Zip likes to zigzag on.(back, or legs)



10.      What body part does Zip go up, up, up on?(nose)