Ann and Friends

Stories for Beginning Braille Readers

By Ann Gelles



“Buzz, buzz, buzz.

Buzz, buzz, buzz.”

“Oh no,” my friend said.

“A big bee is back.”

“Is that bee back again?”

My friend and I hate bees.

We do not like bees at all.

“Look!” my friend said, “It’s Zeek!”

“Great!” I said.

Zeek is a friendly bee so we like him a lot.

He likes apple trees and plum trees.

Zeek also likes roses and tulips.

He likes tall wet grass.

Zeek likes us a lot too.

He would not hurt us.

He will sit on a tulip and buzz, buzz, buzz.

He will sit on a twig and buzz, buzz, buzz.

He will land on a lily as we play together.

Zeek will go away after he helps all plants.

We will miss him.




Zeek Test

1.   Who is Zeek?  (a bee)



2.   Why might Ann and her friend hate bees?  (Bees can sting us.)



3. Why does Ann and her friend like Zeek?  (He is a friendly bee.)



4-5. Name two things Zeek likes.  (trees, flowers, wet grass and people)



6. What does Zeek do when he sits on a twig or a tulip?  (buzz, buzz, buzz)



7. What good does Zeek and other bees eo?  (They help plants.  They pollinate plants.)



8. What would you do if you heard a bee?



9. When will Zeek go away?  (Zeek will go away after he helps the plants.)



10. How will Ann and her friend feel when Zeek goes away?  (They will miss him.  They will feel sad.)