Ann and Friends

Stories for Beginning Braille Readers

By Ann Gelles



Let me tell you about my pal, Zac.

Zac is quite big for a duck.

He will eat bugs, worms, oats and mosquitoes.

Zac gets up at dawn.

He will quack, quack, quack at dawn.

Quack, quack, quack tells me that he is very hungry.

He is quite bossy about food.

Zac wants oats.

I sleep late until Zac pecks my toes so Iíll get up immediately so he can eat.

After he eats, Zac takes a nap.

Zac also likes my pool.

We swim together after my piano lesson.

Zac will swim a mile every afternoon.

I canít swim a mile yet.

My friends like Zac too.

I am lucky Zac is my friend.





Zac Test

  1. Who is Zac?(a duck)



  1. Name two things Zac likes to eat.(bugs, worms, oats and mosquitoes)



  1. What time of day does Zac wake up?(dawn)



  1. Why does Zac quack?(He is telling Ann that he is hungry.)



  1. How does Zac wake Ann up?(He pecks her toes.)



  1. What does Zac do after he eats?(He takes a nap.)



  1. When does Ann and Zac swim together?(They swim together every afternoon.They swim together every afternoon after Annís piano lesson.)



  1. What canít Ann do yet?(Ann canít swim a mile yet.)



  1. How far does Zac swim every afternoon?(a mile)



10. What does Ann do when Zac pecks her toes?(She gets up immediately and feeds Zac.)