Ann and Friends

Stories for Beginning Braille Readers

By Ann Gelles


Story # 8


I just met Ruby today.
Ruby is my niece’s new puppy.
Ruby is 24 weeks old.
Ruby is very lively.
Ruby is quite friendly.
Ruby has a silky coat.
Ruby has big paws.
Ruby loves people.
Ruby likes dogs.
Ruby runs and runs and runs.
Ruby jumps on me.
Ruby jumps on my niece.
Ruby jumps on my guide dog.
We do not like that!
Desiree and Ruby play together.
Ruby kisses me.
Ruby kisses my guide dog.
Ruby kisses my niece.
My niece hates that.
Ruby eats at six o’clock.
We will walk Ruby tonight after it gets cool.
I like Ruby a lot.
Ruby is a great puppy!
I bet Ruby would like you too.


Ruby Test

1. Ruby is a_______________. (puppy)

2. Ruby is _____________ weeks old. (24)

3. Ruby has a _____________ coat. (silky)

4. Ruby eats at ____________ o’clock. (6)

5. We will take Ruby for a ___________ when the weather cools down. (walk)

6. My niece does not like it when Ruby __________. (kisses her)

7. We do not like it when Ruby ___________. (jumps on us)

8. Ruby’s paws are ____________. (big)

9. I wouldn’t like it if Ruby ____________________


10. My mom or dad would let me have a dog if I promised to _____________________________.