Ann and Friends

Stories for Beginning Braille Readers

By Ann Gelles


Story # 7


Roni is my pony.
He is gray.
He likes alfalfa hay, but he loves oats more.
Roni snacks on apples.
He also likes bologna.
We ride together every afternoon at two o’clock.
We ride on a horse trail.
Roni gallops across two fields.
I like that a lot.
Roni trots across a bridge.
He walks up a big hill.
Next we wade across a little brook.
We always walk home so Roni won’t get too hot.
I always curry Roni after a ride.
Roni likes that a lot.
A good ride always makes me feel happy.
Roni is happy after a good ride too.

Roni Test

1. Who is Roni?   (my pony)

2.What food does Roni like to snack on? (apples)


3. What unusual food for a pony does Roni eat? (bologna)


4. How often do Roni and the author go riding? (every afternoon at 2 o’clock)


5. What speed does the author like best:   walk, trot or gallop? (gallop)


6. Why do the author and Roni always walk home? (so Roni won’t get too hot.)


7. What does the author do for Roni after every ride? (brush or curry him)


8. Name two parts that make up Roni and the author’s ride. (gallop across two fields, trot across a bridge, wade across a brook, walk up a hill, walk home)


9. What part of the ride would you enjoy best? Why?