Ann and Friends

Stories for Beginning Braille Readers

By Ann Gelles


Story # 9


Lucky lives with Mo.
Mo has 9 horses.
Lucky is one of Mo’s favorite horses.
Lucky is not very tall for a horse.
He is about 14 hands tall.
He is not young.
Lucky is quite handsome.
He has big black eyes and a nose that feels like velvet.
Lucky’s gray coat is very soft.
Lucky’s tail sweeps the grass.
Mo’s friends say Lucky is very cute.
Mo rides Lucky almost every day.
They practice a lot so they can work well together.
Lucky and Mo have won a lot of prizes.
Mo and Lucky lose sometimes.
A friend will trade another horse for Lucky.
Kim says Lucky is just the right horse for kids.
Kim has 4 girls.
They love Lucky.
They already ride Lucky for prizes.
The girls have fun with Lucky.
Mo would rather sell Lucky.
Mo does not want another horse.
Horses poop about 15 times a day.
Then Mo would pick up less poop.
Maybe Mo will trade Lucky for another horse.
Maybe Mo will keep Lucky.
Maybe Mo will sell Lucky.
Would you keep Lucky?
I just received some bad news from Mo.
Some coyotes ate Lucky.

Lucky Test

1. ____________ is Lucky’s owner. (Mo)

2. Lucky is a ___________. (horse)

3. Lucky’s __________ feels like velvet. (nose)

4. Lucky’s __________sweeps the grass. (tail)

5. People used to measure things by using their ___________. (hands)

6. Lucky and Mo have won many ___________. (prizes)

7. __________ thinks Lucky is the perfect horse for kids. (Kim)

8. Mo’s friend wants to ___________________ for Lucky. (trade another horse)

9. Mo __________ Lucky every day so they will work well together in the show ring. (rides)

10. Do you think Mo should sell, trade or keep Lucky? Why? ___________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________.