Ann and Friends

Stories for Beginning Braille Readers

By Ann Gelles


Story # 10


Bossy is a baby calf.
Bossy is five days old.
Bossy has no Mother.
Bossy’s mother is not alive.
Dad got Bossy at a cattle sale.
Bossy lives with us.
We hope Bossy will not die.
Paul gives Bossy special milk six times a day.
Bossy slurps milk from a pail with a big nipple.
Bossy is always hungry.
Bossy gets Paul up at five o’clock every day.
Bossy will moo and moo and moo until Paul gets up.
Bossy is too noisy.
People do not like that!
They hope Bossy will move some place else.
Bossy goes every place Paul goes.
Bossy will eat grass some day.
Paul is happy about that.
Then Bossy will not wake him up for milk.

Bossy Test

1. Bossy is a _____________. (calf)

2. Bossy is ____________ days old. (five)

3. Bossy’s mother is ___________. (not alive)

4. Bossy drinks milk from a _______________. (pail with a big nipple)

5. The neighbors think Bossy makes _____________. (too much noise)

6. ______________ takes care of Bossy. (Paul)

7. ______________ bought Bossy at a cattle sale. (Dad)

8. Bossy will ______________ if Paul won’t get up to feed her. (moo and moo and moo)

9. The neighbors hope Bossy will ______________. (move some place else)

10. Paul can’t wait until Bossy can _____________. (eat grass some day)