16. Lance the Pound Hound


Lance is an old hound dog that lives at the Littlemount Dog Pound. Littlemount is a home for dogs with no people family. Lance is too old to race like he did as a young hound. So it doesnŐt surprise him to live there. Lots of dogs live at Littlemount all their lives. Nevertheless, Lance wakes up every day with the hope that people will come to the pound, feel love for him, and take him home with them. He hopes for someone he can count on to give him hugs, play with him, and give him food every day.


One day, a young boy named Mike Boundless came to Littlemount on a mission—to look for a pet to prance about and make everyone happy. Some dogs made too many sounds; some dogs did not dance or act happy. Lance got to bound from the cage, so he pranced and danced at the pound for Mike. Mike gave him a big hug and Lance felt love and lots of passion for Mike. ŇGreat! I found a sweet and happy dog to love me. My mission is complete,Ó Mike said.


Mr and Mrs Boundless, MikeŐs father and mother, love Lance too. LanceŐs boundless joy lifts the spirits of everyone every day. Lance feels lucky. He hopes the other dogs at the pound will get found just as he did. Would you adopt a pound hound?


Lance the Pound Hound Questions


1.         Who is Lance?

(An old dog looking for a home, a dog that lives at the pound.)


2.         What is a pound?

(a home or shelter for animals who donŐt have a people family)


3.         What did Lance do when he was young?



4.         Why didnŐt LanceŐs owners keep him? 

(They didnŐt want an old dog who couldnŐt race anymore.  They didnŐt want the expense of caring for an older dog who couldnŐt race anymore.)


5.         What is LanceŐs hope? 

(He hopes someone will adopt him and love him.)


6.         What was MikeŐs mission? 

(He wanted to find a dog to love and make his new dog friend happy.)


7.         Why didnŐt Mike pick some of the other dogs?

(Some dogs barked too much.  Some dogs didnŐt seem happy to see him.  Some dogs acted too sad.)


8.         What is LanceŐs hope for his pals at the Littlemount Dog Pound? 

(He hopes they will find happy homes like he has.)


9.         Why might people want a pet dog? 

(Dogs bring love and joy to people.)


10. Describe the dog you might like to adopt from the Littlemount Dog Pound.