Mission, Vision and Core Values

The intent and values of the California School for the Blind (CSB).

Mission Statement

The California School for the Blind provides intensive, disability-specific educational services to students who have primary learning needs related to their visual impairment. The school serves as a statewide resource to provide expertise to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and families in evidenced based assessment, specialized curriculum, cutting-edge research and technology, and innovative models of instruction that prepare students for adult life.


In partnership with Local Education Agencies (LEAs), families, students, and community constituents, the California School for the Blind strives to create an atmosphere where high expectations and mutual respect between all staff and students is valued to ensure positive outcomes for academic and life skills success in a technologically-advanced society.

Core Values

The California School for the Blind community believes:

  • Students with visual impairments who are enrolled at or receive services and support from the California School for the Blind need to be given the skills necessary to reach their highest potential academically and socially whether through high school graduation or through the acquisition of functional life skills.
  • Students need to be exposed to and participate in a wide range of experiential learning opportunities to maximize the potential for academic competence and independence.
  • Respect and equality for all individuals in on-campus and in outreach programs supports an atmosphere of empowerment and life-long learning.
  • Students deserve an educational environment that maintains high expectations for student performance at all times.
  • Students deserve on-going opportunities to prepare for adult life through specialized instruction in career development, independent living skills, assistive technology, and social skills.
  • Students deserve highly trained and certified professionals who are life-long learners and seek to promote excellence and innovation in every aspect of their work.