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CSB Music through the perspective of a student

The Challenge of the Music Department

Written by Taeler Khan
March 7, 2006

Music is my favorite class. Let me tell you about the music room. It's on the tunnel sidewalk. When you go inside there are drums, keyboards, a piano and a couple of amplifiers for the guitars to be played on.  Also there's a basket of rhythm instruments and a whole  closet full of them.

Of course there's the music teacher Mr. Wayne Siligo. He is a very good teacher but he is very strict. He can give voice lessons, and he can also teach you how to play an instrument such as the piano, the trumpet, the clarinet, the trombone, the tuba, the saxophone, the harp, the mandolin, the banjo, the or drums. He can also teach you how to play the Congas. He also teaches current events. Mr. Siligo is a very nice person. I like him but he is too strict. The people that he has in each class are some of my friends.

Mr. Siligo is very talented. Mr. Siligo has two assistants  in his classroom. Their names are Kathryn and Charles. They are very nice because they're good people. I understand why Mr. Siligo is so strict because he has a lot of students to teach but Mr. Siligo teaches me to be a musical detective, like teaching me how to sing in the right key.

That's my report on the music room


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