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Wayne Siligo - Music Director

Music is an integral part of the daily lives of most of our students at the California School for the Blind. Wayne R. Siligo, the Director of Music, has published numerous articles on teaching music; the latest was featured in the May 2005 issue of “the National Music Educators Journal.”

The CSB Jazz Ensemble was featured on the cover and the teaching article is available at the Library of Congress under music teaching resources for the visually impaired.

“When I first arrived at the school in the fall of 1980, I immediately began trying to improve our overall concept of how our special students should be taught. I believed and still do, that there are many unique approaches to teaching music, and no one way is appropriate for every student.

I began an ensemble approach for our students capable of performing in a group setting, so as to reach and involve as many of them as possible in the entire music experience.

From the very beginning, all students, regardless of the extent of their music gifts, become an important part of the performance plan.

I believe the primary reason for our success with our great students is constant evaluation and assessment of their skills. Often at given times, we introduce them to new instruments and music styles. Many learn classical, jazz, pop, and folk techniques and multi-ethnic material.

The C.S.B. Jazz Ensemble performs at many conventions and for many state organizations during the school year. For the past fourteen years, they have been the featured entertainment for the Ca. State Department of Education’s holiday party in Sacramento. They recorded their first CD in late 1999,which was a great success, and will be recording another during the coming year. All their performances include a wide range of original music and new arrangements of old favorites

At CSB we try to expose our music students to as many styles and forms of music, both instrumental and vocal, giving them tools to continue enriching their daily life activities. But our primary objective is to make the educational process rewarding and fun!”

Teaching Music to non-academic students with visual impairments

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Downloads and Recording Information

Newly updated track download from CSB Ensemble's "Open Door" cd, available in .mp3 format:
Tickle Me (Original Blues by Wayne Siligo featuring Josh Kenyon on drums)

Down in Old New Orleans (Original song co-wrote by Warren Nunes and Wayne Siligo)

2006 Holiday Concert DVDs are available. The fee for the DVD is five dollars and checks should be made out to CSB Parents and Friends, music account. If you haven’t already done so, be sure and call 1-510-794-3815 ext. 253 and leave your full name and how many DVD’s you want to reserve.


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