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CSB Admissions Criteria

California School for the Blind
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Generally the steps for the referral process are:

  1. Local Education Agency requests application packet from CSB.  Please call Annie Foyle at (510) 794-3800 X211.
    Request must be made by the LEA.

  2. Completed applications and requested reports are received from parents and student’s school district.

  3. Information is reviewed by the Admissions Review Committee at the California School for the Blind.

  4. If necessary, additional information is requested.

  5. Based on the paperwork received and reviewed, and if it is determined that we may have a program that meets your child’s educational needs, we will schedule a date with the school district to observe your child in their school setting.

  6. After the observation, The Admissions Review Committee will review the referral.  If we feel that we may have a program that meets your child’s educational needs, we will send the family a medical packet to be completed by their child’s physician.  A physical and current TB test are required.

  7. Upon return of the medical packet, our Student Health Unit staff will review information and provide a clearance to be on campus or may requestadditional medical information.
    We will schedule a date for your child to attend the California School for the Blind for an assessment period for possible enrollment of up to 60-days.  The family is required to bring their child to CSB for an intake meeting.

  1. There will be a period of assessment lasting up to 60 calendar days for an educational assessment for possible admission. If a student has district owned technology (e.g., a BrailleNote or laptop), the student should bring all such equipment for the assessment period, as CSB does not have sufficient equipment to loan to students.

  2. At the end of this period, a meeting will be scheduled to report on the results of the assessment.  If necessary, an IEP meeting will be scheduled.   The family and school district representatives must attend this meeting in person.

** If at any time during the referral process it is determined that we do not have an appropriate program for your child, we will notify you and arrange for home going (if they are in the midst of the assessment period).

We strongly encourage the family and school district personnel to come and tour our facility to see the programs we offer. 

We will do our best to keep both the family and school district informed by sending copies of correspondence to both parties. If there are any changes to your contact information (address, phone numbers, email address), please contact us promptly.

If you should have any questions during the referral process, please contact Maureen Reardon at (510) 794-3800 X311or
Annie Foyle at (510) 794-3800 X211.

Please note:  Education Code 56367(b) states that referrals for further assessment to the Schools for the Deaf and Blind shall not constitute a placement in the State Special Schools.



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