Ann and Friends

Stories for Beginning Braille Readers

By Ann Gelles


Ann & Friends – Story #11


My guide dog’s name is Honey.

Honey is quite pretty and very bright.

Honey is sly sometimes.

Honey is young and lively.

Honey works every day.

Honey guides me every place I go.

Honey keeps me away from trucks, buses and autos as we cross a road.

I can travel like other people do.

I almost never hit people or poles or tree limbs.

Honey makes me feel safe.

Life with Honey is never dull.

One afternoon Honey ate five pieces of cake at a party.

My friend gave Honey the cake.

That made me mad!

One day a skunk hit Honey and me with its spray.

The smell of the spray made me fell sick.

Honey did not like the spray either.

That made Honey hate skunks.

Another time a big truck hit us.

The man did not see us.

That made me afraid of huge trucks.

Luckily the truck did not hurt us too bad.

Sometimes I let Honey run free.

Honey loves that!

Sometimes I give Honey a big juicy bone.

Honey loves that!

I give Honey belly rubs every day.

Honey loves that too!

I am happy Honey is my guide dog.

We look after one another.

Honey Test



1.  What is the guide dog’s name?  ____________  (honey)



2.  Name two of Honey’s qualities.  ___________________ _______________________    (smart, pretty, sly, lively)



3.  Name two jobs Honey does as a guide dog. _________ ____________________________________________ 


(guides Ann every place, takes Ann across the street, takes Ann around obstacles, keeps Ann away from danger, makes Ann feel safe)



4.  Why does Ann want a guide dog? _________________ ____________________________________________.  (She can travel like sighted people.  She can travel easier with a guide dog than a cane.  Honey can keep Ann safe.  Honey will take Ann around people and obstacles.)



5.  What did Ann’s friend do that made her very mad?  ________________________________.  (The friend fed Honey cake.)

6.  What bad experience happened to Ann and Honey? ________________________________.  (A skunk sprayed them.  A truck hit Ann.)



7.  Why is Ann afraid of big trucks? __________________ ____________________________________________.  (She was hit by a big truck.)



8.  Who got sick when the skunk sprayed?  _______  (Ann)



9.  Who hated skunks because of being sprayed?  _____________  (Honey)



10.     How does Ann show her love for Honey? __________ ________________________________________. (She takes good care of Honey.  She lets her play.  She gives her bones and rubs her tummy.)