Ann and Friends

By Ann Gelles



Ann & Friends Ė Story #16



††††††††† Mom has had Bon-Bon for several weeks.† A friend begged Mom to take her.† The friendís children did not play with or care for Bon-Bon very much.† So Momís friend gave her to us.† The children were against Bon-Bonís move to a new home.† Mom really didnít want more animals.† She thought we had too many pets already.† But she couldnít say no to her good friend.† So Bon-Bon is our first pet rabbit.


†††††† Bon-Bon is a French Lop.† A Lop is a rabbit.† A Lopís ears flop down instead of standing straight up like the rabbits we know best.† A Lopís ears drag on the ground.† Bon-Bon is very cute and cuddly.† She has a satiny black coat with white spots.† She has a tiny pink nose.† She loves bananas.† You better not get in her way when she sees a banana.† She could knock you down to get to that banana first.


†††††† Bon-Bon is such a smart bunny.† She can go potty in a litter like a cat.† Her litter box is kept in the bathroom.


†††††† One morning, Dad stepped in Bon-Bonís poop and urine after getting out of bed to use the bathroom himself.† He was barefooted.† Dad never wore slippers.† I guess Bon-Bon didnít make it to the litter box.† Dad was really mad.† Mom laughed until her sides ached, and she couldnít catch her breath.


†††††† Bon-Bon is a free spirit.† Bon-Bon doesnít live in a cage like most rabbits.† Some people thought Bon-Bon must have a cage.† We thought Bon-Bon should be free.† She roams free all the time at home.† Bone-Bon roams every place in our house and outside, too.† Sometimes, she hops up our alley.† Sometimes, bon-Bon hops, hops, hops up or down Skyline Blvd.† Everyone knows Bon-Bon.† They think she is a remarkable rabbit.


†††††† Neighbors call Mom.† They say, ďBon-Bon is at my back door.Ē


†††††† Mom says, ďDonít worry.† Bon-Bon knows the way home.† Bon-Bon will hop back home soon.Ē† Everyone in our neighborhood loves Bon-Bon.† People smile when they see Bon-Bon in our neighborhood.† I bet she wants a tasty snack from all her friends.


†††††† She also loves bathing in the sun in Momís petunias.† Bon-Bon never gets enough sun and fresh air.† I wonder what Bon-Bon will do next.


Name: †† ____________________

Date:† ††† ____________________



Ann and Friends



Move the cursor to the second new line before brailling your answers.† Space and dot 5 will move the cursor forward at a time.† Be sure to answer in complete sentences.


1            Bon-Bon is our _____ pet rabbit.

2            We have had Bon-Bon for _____ weeks.

3            _____ are Bon-Bonís favorite thing to eat.

4            Bon-Bonís coat was _____ with white spots.

5            _____ stepped in Bon-Bonís poop and urine one morning.

6            _____ laughed until her sides ached.

7            Hopping up a busy a street could be _____ for Bon-Bon.

8            Bon-bon is a _____ Lop.

9            Bon-bon didnít stay in a _____ like other rabbits.

10        _____ thought we had too many pets already.

11        _____ visited the neighbors for tasty snacks.

12        Bon-Bon _____ in the petunias.